Miniature Art Terrarium

At the Art Institute of Chicago, there is a collection of period miniature rooms called the Thorne Rooms. They are pretty magical, and have been known to have captivated the creative minds of people such as Walt Disney, Wes Anderson, and yes, even Barbara Streisand. I used them as a point of inspiration for this gift: a miniature art gallery terrarium as a baby gift for my friends Michael and Sarah Neault.


The terrarium itself is made of stained glass, which was a hilarious adventure in trying to learn something difficult in a short period of time. I had never done stained glass before, and Judy at the Lincoln Park Cultural Center was a huge help in making it a reality.

Inside of the terrarium are miniature art pieces: the paintings are made from computer-printed shrinky-dinks and the sculptures (including the infamous two lions that line the Art Institute entrance) were 3D printed and painted. Mixed within the plants are also miniature train model figurines.