Unnatural Landscapes of Utah

My second day in Green River as an artist-in-residence, I was researching on Google Earth on how I might be able to drive up close to the infamous Moab Potash Ponds. In the process, I was mesmerized by some of the other mines and related land use facilities in Utah from above and began to take some screen captures. As a small exercise that would end up largely shaping the direction of my work, I cut out the images and composed them into a collage. This collage eventually evolved into a repeating fabric pattern, which was used in the Romance of Mining dress and in the back of the Romance of Mining quilt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.46.52 AM.png

The Romance of Mining is a body of work that explores the intersection of natural history, land use, and the human impulses for love, control, and conflict. This work was made possible by Epicenter.