Notable Holes Quilt

In the late Fall of 2016, friends Alison Jean Cole and Charlie Macquarie led a group of artists on an exploration of “Notable Holes” in and around western Nevada and eastern California. Alison and I chose one site in-particular to collect material and use as inspiration for a quilt design. That site was called “The Sump”, and we collected buckets of fluorescent agates there. This quilt draws inspiration from that site, as well as from the visual language of geology.

Fluorescent Agate Buttons

The buttons on the quilt are made by Alison herself, using the agates we collected. At the top, they appear refined and polished. As you move down the quilt, the rocks are more raw, natural, and rugged as a nod to the process of rock formation.


The Sump

This area of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains was the inspiration for the site and the location where we collected the flourescent agates for the buttons.