Deliberate Wisdom (She Does What She Wants)

I love being prepared. At my best, this is because of anticipation for exciting things to come. At my worst, it’s impatience that manifests itself as anxiety.

With this desire to anticipate the future, I get a tarot reading every year. This is not necessarily because I believe in the metaphysical, but for the mental exercise of imagining possible futures for myself. Shortly after relocating to Chicago, I had asked my reader if I would stay in the city long term, and she was unable to project an outcome. It was the idea of trying to answer this question that inspired the creation of these two windows—rife with symbolism pulled from my Chicago life that personify different paths.


These windows represent my current inquiry into advice as a broad concept—where we seek it, whose wisdom holds credence, and how we manifest futures for ourselves while sitting peacefully in the present. These windows are a celebration for the trust I bestow to my future self to discern the right choice, and a reminder of reverence for my own intrinsic power.


Special thanks to Judy McConnell, instructor for the Chicago Parks District Lincoln Park glass, metals, and lapidary studio who has taught me everything I know about glass and about how to be patient with glass.