Grown in the great state of North Carolina, I was guided through the creative ways of the world by public education, watching Trading Spaces, and making paint-your-own-pottery. After completing my Bachelors in Graphic Design at North Carolina State University, I headed west to Portland, OR where I learned there is more than one type of lemon and that snow can stay on mountains all year long.

After five glorious years on the West Coast, I relocated to Chicago to work with the Digital Experience team at the Art Institute of Chicago in order to challenge and reimagine the role of design in the museum world.

Parallel to my working life, I am a practicing textile artist, lapidary, gem faceter, and modern girl who likes to talk about her feelings. The heart of my work is centered around introspection, vulnerability, and celebrating the people I love. I have been an artist-in-residence at Elsewhere (2017) and Epicenter (2016) and you can download my full artist CV here.

In case you don't think I'm cool yet, let me seal the deal by telling you all about the sexy Design Ignites Change grant, Adobe Design Achievement Award, and IXDA Award that I received. I feel so validated, thank you!