Grown in the great state of North Carolina, I was guided through the ways of the world by public education, watching Trading Spaces , and making paint-your-own-pottery. After completing my Bachelors in Graphic Design at NC State University, I headed west to Portland, OR where I learned there is more than one type of lemon and that snow can stay on mountains all year long. Here in Portland I've stayed—minus a seven month pizza-fueled stint in Chicago—where I like to dig for rocks, sew, pick wildflowers, and sit in parks on sunny days with my small dog. 


Design like an artist,
art like a designer.

I could go on and on about what I think are the differences between art and design. I believe practicing both approaches for making—art in pursuit of good questions, design in pursuit of good solutions—makes for better creative collaboration no matter what the project is.

So I do both! As a designer, I am drawn to work that is conceptual, has a strong voice, and takes risks with its audiences. As an artist, I form strategies, research diligently, and articulate a vision to help see a project through to completion. 


Museums and preserving the history of human thought

My professional design expertise is working with cultural institutions with a common goal: to educate and engage visitors using "the material evidence of human thought". 

To do this type of work, I believe you have to have a talent for translating a researcher's excitement into a relatable experience. The projects I am drawn to tend to have a story that is begging to be pulled out of a set of content—be it a collection of artworks, an assembly of documents, or a set of data. 


Rocks, quilts, and other creative infatuations

I get asked all the time, "What's the deal with the rocks?" The short and unsatisfying answer is that I really have no idea except I moved out West, visited a rock shop in Moro, OR and fell in love. But, the fixation on a material or craft isn't exactly novel to my creative practice. Over the years, I would consider myself a generalist in specifics. I have a lot of interests that I dive deep into that I try to merge together in interesting ways.

Though what does tend to stay constant is an interest in materiality, tradition, and locality. I like making things that are intended to be used and handled, not necessarily meant to be hung sterile on a wall or under glass.